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JWN Endorses Habijax 2017 Women’s Build and WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION!

JWN has endorsed the Habijax 2017 Women’s Build which is helping to break the cycle of female poverty in Jacksonville. Immediate Past President Georgia Reed attended the kickoff event on June 20 and the Network was recognized for its support.

The Board of Directors will lead the charge in helping the Network become a Silver Sponsor by raising $2,500 with our membership.  This gives us 10 volunteer spots for a team of builders during the event in October. The Silver Sponsorship also includes Recognition at the Home Dedication Events as well as on social media and in their e-newsletter.

Habijax has created a donation page just for us to allow our members to donate in support of the Silver Sponsorship $2,500 goal. Join us with a donation at:

This is an opportunity for us to help women who need assistance to provide shelter for their families. They aren’t asking for a handout as they put in a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity helping to build their Habitat homes.  They are also required to meet established financial guidelines that demonstrate their ability to responsibly pay an affordable mortgage and upkeep for their home.  

We’ll keep you abreast of our progress toward the $2,500 goal.  Help the Network support HabiJax and the 2017 Women’s Build!


Call-to-action! Board asks Members to Post to FB

Here are a few ways we can create activity in the JWN group to generate a lively, useful online community and engage one another.

  • You can post directly to the JWN group. Regular, new content is the best way to encourage participation.  

  • Aim to help the group by posting useful, local information about women's, community or neighborhood events, and your professional and personal accomplishments.        

  • Help keep the group buzzing! Engage with content posted by fellow members by commenting or asking questions.