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Nominate an Outstanding Woman Leader for JWN – Deadline is June 30

The nomination process is open for the 2019 class for Jacksonville Women’s Network! Please help your qualified colleague be part of an organization whose sole purpose is to provide members untethered access to all levels of leadership. We support and accelerate the advancement of women in both personal and professional endeavors.

Jacksonville Women’s Network is an exclusive, by-invitation-only organization of high-performing highly qualified women. Criteria for membership include senior responsibility in an area of expertise, with specific criteria listed for each category or business area of our members. Our unique networking system of both small and large group experiences is a conduit for creating and strengthening relationships.

The process for nomination including the nomination form is online. Please click on this link to get to the Membership section of our web site.

Nominate your outstanding woman leader(s) today and help them advance careers by expanding their business networks across industries, finding new friends, and possible securing their position of influence. If you have any questions, please contact your Category Chair or a Board member (contact information is available on the web site). Category Chair contact information is below.





Academic/Academic Management

Janice Donaldson

Arts & Letters

Christie Rogers

Business Executive

Mindy Barker


Rev. Kim Hyatt


Jeanne Maron

Financial Management

Robin Wahby and

Marty Jones


Jacquie Gibbs

Healing Arts

Laura Bailet

Hospital/Health Management

Kay Redington


Carolyn Herman

Nonprofit Management

Lynn Bertram


Lucy Reep

Real Estate/Property Management

Rose Bock





Kendra McCrary



Call-to-action! Board asks Members to Post to FB

Here are a few ways we can create activity in the JWN group to generate a lively, useful online community and engage one another.

  • You can post directly to the JWN group. Regular, new content is the best way to encourage participation.  

  • Aim to help the group by posting useful, local information about women's, community or neighborhood events, and your professional and personal accomplishments.        

  • Help keep the group buzzing! Engage with content posted by fellow members by commenting or asking questions.